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Salty muffins with chickpea flour

Salty muffins with chickpea flour

These muffins are quickly prepared and they are great for a snack or for breakfast. You will need to make 12 of them:

- 3 Whole eggs

- 1 pinch of salt

- 1/3 cup of corn oil

- 1/2 cup of lactose-free milk

- 1/3 cup of chickpea flour

- 2/3 cup of rice flour

- 1 tbsp of yeast for salty cakes

- 2 round zucchini grated

- 80 g of canned tuna (or replace for 2 tbsp of grated grana padano)

In a bowl, with a fork, mix the eggs, salt, oil and milk. Add the flours and yeast until completely mixed. Finally add the zucchini and tuna. Pour the dough into muffins molds and cook in the oven for 35 minutes, with a temperature of 180°C. Let them cool before taking them from the molds.

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